ICODev facilitates the creation of an Internet web-based environment for course outline development, revision, tracking, and management. In a user-friendly environment, ICODev provides a variety of tools that can be used to create course outlines on-line, change existing course outlines, collaboratively review outlines, conduct keyword searches, generate reports, and track activity. Easy to use, I-CO-Dev requires minimal technical expertise on the part of the users. Entirely web-based, ICODev requires only that users have a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) installed on their computers.

The ICODev course outline information management system provides users (at various levels of authority) with electronic access to a central database repository of course outlines. Designed so that designated staff are able to develop/revise/review, manage, audit changes and development, and conduct keyword searches of course outlines, the ICODev system provides an electronic course outline workflow system as well as a huge resource and information database.

This on-line course outline website allows for the creation of a central repository of course outlines and provides access to this course outline resource/database thus making the course outline development and revision process an institution-wide endeavour. The benefits provided by this on-line system are numerous and comprehensive:

  • Provides the current, most up-to-date course outline information - one, single database that contains all the course outlines.
  • Eliminates distribution of hard copies and the "drudgery" of updating (or not updating) departmental course outline records.
  • Provides access to course outline information to all authorized users.
  • Provides faster and easier retrieval of the course outlines.
  • Improves efficiency in responding to change and in keeping up with industry change.
  • Automatically emails required faculty when changes to course outlines are made.
  • Promotes awareness and cooperation.
  • Is an innovative approach to delivery, management, and maintenance of course outline documents.
  • Is a unique electronic system that responds to course outline management needs.
  • Creates efficient, effective electronic management of course outlines.
  • Provides access and availability to course outline and curriculum development resources for staff and students.
  • Expands knowledge base.
  • Opens up the course outline revision/development process and makes it user-friendly and transparent.
  • Builds and promotes in-house relationships and increases levels of cooperation.
  • Facilitates communication and feedback.

For more information about this application, please contact Donna Horpestad, Course Outline Advisor / Commons Assistant - The Commons at 1-780-853-8424 or donna.horpestad@lakelandcollege.ca or visit our website at www.lakelandcollege.ca.

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